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Low levels of workplace well-being in foodservice aren’t sustainable either.

With a 75% turnover rate, as well as unrivaled stress and substance abuse levels, the foodservice industry is a relentless place to work.

We believe making our industry hospitable to workers will enable organizations to operate more smoothly and joyfully, facilitate more memorable customer experiences, and create legacies that last.

the food eliminator book
the food eliminator book

A recipe book you can build your business around

Start with practical suggestions for creating smarter systems that eliminate errors, minimize frustration, and destroy barriers to growth.

How Galley is Helping

Enhanced Trust

Creating a single source of truth for recipes and processes helps managers and workers communicate and work efficiently.

Tedious Burden Lifting

Galley’s data model completes tedious tasks that would otherwise require hours of time using other systems.

Reflecting on Stress

A built-in stress survey helps users reflect on stress, identify causes, and take steps to create a less burdensome environment.

Menu Planning

Plan menus that cross-utilize ingredients and make the most of items you already have on-hand.

Recipe Innovation

Master recipe R&D to utilize surplus ingredients or by-products that would otherwise go to waste.

Accurate Purchasing

Use upcoming menu data and real-time inventory to purchase exactly what you need, and nothing more.

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