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Our Values

Our core values and beliefs that drive the integrity of decisions and actions we take each day

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Be Active Stewards

We come alongside our customers, employees, and partners, earn their trust and guide them shoulder-to-shoulder to a better way.


Be Incredibly Curious

We ask more questions and think outside of the current constraints of the system to make meaningful progress.


Build to Last

We do things the right way that will endure the challenges and stress that are guaranteed to be encountered on our journey. We believe in function and form and the intentional design of both to create lasting value.


Make it Better

Each innovation must be a step function improvement, not just incremental. Everybody in the organization makes it better.


Respect & Empower All

We focus on the growth and well-being of all, benefit all members of an organization, not just a select few at the expense of others.


Embrace the Joy of Work

At Galley, we believe that work should be enjoyable. That’s why we encourage our team members to come prepared to have fun every day.

Our Mission

By 2030, every food business globally will be able to use Galley software to improve decision-making, optimize purchasing and achieve industry-leading sustainability.

Our Vision

A transformation in the way food service professionals work, helping them make better decisions, drive efficiency and sustainability, and achieve more fulfilled lives.

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Get to know Galley

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