Galley ™
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Galley ™
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Put your kitchen on autopilot.

Galley helps you master day-to-day operations with real-time inventory and food costing, empowering business intelligence, and a platform that scales with you.

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Understand food costs

No more working off a hunch. Precisely cost food, develop high-margin recipes, and increase the profitability of your menu.

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Simplify production

Produce food more efficiently. Galley creates accurate production guides that reduce over purchasing, waste, and labor costs.

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optimize purchasing

Restock in seconds. Galley tracks current inventory and historical data to generate optimized purchase orders that send in two clicks.


access anywhere

Stay in touch with the daily operations of multiple locations. Manage your entire food empire via a single cloud-based dashboard.

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scale unrestrained

With efficient operations that scale with you, you’ll be free to open locations, grow your team, and focus on what matters most.

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embrace innovation

Stay relevant with new offerings and menus. Galley leverages current ingredients and recipes to keep costs, waste, and R&D time low.



Your ingredients determine food costs, recipe development, and waste—now you know exactly how they’re being used. Create custom units, convert measurements, and track usage.


Collaborate on new recipes, substitute ingredients in current offerings, and open new locations. Galley automatically updates recipe costs as you work and ingredient prices change.


Build menus with detailed expense, profitability, and nutrient data. Galley then creates production guides that show your team how to work efficiently to reduce waste.


Track inventory in real-time, identify areas you can reduce waste and spoilage, and gain insights into customer preferences. Never lose track of stock again.


Connect vendors, automatically forecast sales, order the right ingredients at the right time. Galley enables you to order entire menus with just two clicks.
We are currently releasing new features and enhancements weekly.
You are here because you are:

A restaurant, food operation, or commercial kitchen

Finished working on hunches and intuition

Looking to finally get a grip on your operations

Are ready to find a solution that sticks

Looking for an easier way to:

Identify and minimize operational costs

Drive efficiency and boost margins

Optimize multiple locations simultaneously

Grow your business to a new level

You've come to the right place

Stop playing the guessing game.

Galley offers precise data, practical insights, and a clear way forward.



No Data Entry Required

Send us your recipes and relax. We’ll take care of the bulk of the data entry for you.



Galley Works For You

Continue like normal and watch how Galley empowers you to make your kitchen more efficient.



Find New Ways to Grow

Free up your mind to focus on things that really matter, like scaling your business.


Nesting recipes within recipes lets you create dishes accurately and efficiently. Cross-utilization of those recipes helps you save money by reducing waste.

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Galley is more flexible and has a nicer interface than any other solution we’ve used, with accurate costing and reliable data that we use for purchasing and production. It has also reduced the time it takes to add new recipes, locations, and employees.

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How Taster Is Using Operational Data To Efficiently Scale Their Ghost Restaurant Empire

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increase margins

Helping you increase profitability is our benchmark for success, which is why our fee is based on how much we help you save. We’re all about transparency and trust here, so tell us about your business and we’ll calculate your investment.

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Request Pricing

Helping you increase margins is our benchmark for success. That’s why we base Galley’s monthly fee on how much you save, rather than a fixed fee.

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We’ll answer your questions about how Galley helps you save.

Want to see Galley in action?

Get an up-close demo of how Galley can empower your kitchen. Find a time that works best for you (we’re flexible).

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Frequently Asked Questions

If the answer you are looking for is not here, let us know, we would love to hear from you. Click the button below to speak with a Galley Solutions expert live.

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Is there 24/7 customer support?

We understand your business can’t wait on hold. That’s why we always have experts at the ready to answer questions, troubleshoot problems, and help you maximize Galley.

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How long before I start seeing results?

You can cost ingredients, recipes, and full menus in just seconds once we’ve finished with the initial data entry. It only takes a few days for day-to-day usage and purchasing data to turn into practical business insights that can help you propel your business forward.

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Will Galley integrate with my other software?

We’re constantly adding new integrations. Let us know what you’re interested in and we’ll make sure your systems work together flawlessly. Tell us what you’re looking for.

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What if Galley doesn’t work for my business?

If for some reason you’re not satisfied, we’ll give you a full refund via our 90-day money back guarantee. But if we’re being honest, we think you’ll love it.


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