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benji koltai

Benji Koltai

Co-Founder and CEO

From software engineer to a change agent for the foodservice industry, Benji sees a world where Galley’s Culinary Operating System can play a key role in elevating the daily lives of Chefs and Culinarians around the globe. Partnering up with his good friend & brother-in-law, Ian, Benji is executing on this vision while having a meaningful impact on the global food supply system, as well as the people that sustain it.

ian christopher

Ian Christopher

Co-Founder and COO

A farmer, a hospitality manager, a lover of all things culinary, Ian's career as a guru in operational efficiencies with all things farm-to-table would lead him to be a key driving force behind Galley's early successes. Side-by-side with brother-in-law Benji, Ian's passion for the people that he serves, whether it's a prospect, customer, or team members, is core to the culture and successful growth that Galley is experiencing.

jason peretz

Jason serves as chief legal counsel, financial leader, and oversees the profitability as well as stability of Galley as it grows to fullfill the vision of it’s founders.

matt ferguson

Matt’s key responsibility is to ensure Galley delivers on it’s founders vision of a culinary operating system by creating, managing, and executing Galley’s technical roadmap.

marcus nucci

Marcus fills this role bringing the key experience of having been a Galley customer in its early days, and is now serving to deliver an award winning experience to Galley’s clientele.