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Save time

45+Hrs / Week Saved

Customers report back that they are saving dozens of hours each week by using Galley to scale recipes, manage event orders, or calculating costs while automating production lists, purchase guides, and & inventory management.

Innovate & Create

150k+ Recipes

Recipes are at the core of what Galley does! Easily create, manage, and share recipes with all of your food data in one centralized culinary operating system. Assign recipes to vendor items to keep pricing up to date on each recipe in real time.

Delight customers

5M+ Meals Served

Maximize your kitchen's output, efficiency, and profitability with dependable food data that supports innovation, speed to market, and ensure the right products are where they need to be in order to deliver a best-in-class dining experience.

Higher Education & Other
Contract Dining Services

“Galley sits at the heart of what we do.”

- Derek Carbonneau, Chief Technology & Marketing Officer at Meriwether-Godsey

Catering & Community Foodservice

“I will never go back to what life was like before Galley.”

- Karen O’Conner, Daniel et Daniel catering

Multi-unit Restaurants &
Non-traditional Foodservice

“Galley has transformed our business processes and made it possible to improve production efficiency, mitigate inflationary pressures, and foster culinary collaboration across the company.”

- Ellis McCue, CEO at Territory Foods

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Centralize Recipes
& Production

Easily create & scale recipes, create task lists, production schedules, shopping lists. Add custom tags to recipes for easy organization and assign users to tasks, maximizing kitchen efficiency.

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Engage & Satisfy Consumer Demands

Nutrients, allergens, & claims must be readily available to capture today’s conscientious diner. Easily assembled recipe ingredients into nutrient panels that can be placed on custom label templates.

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Manage Food Costs
& Profitability

Galley integrates with vendors to quickly collect for real-time food costing, develop high-margin recipes and increase the profitability of your menu.

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Optimize Purchasing & Inventory Management

Restock in seconds. Galley tracks current inventory and historical data across all locations to generate optimized purchase orders in just a few clicks.