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The Food Error Estimator

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What can you do with cleaner, integrated food data?

Centralize Everything

A single source of truth for all your food data and kitchen operations. Manage your growing food empire via a modern cloud-based platform.

Increase Growth

Simplifying operations and data entry means more resources to spend on human capital that can innovate and deliver an award winnin customer experience.

Embrace Innovation

Innovating and implementing new ideas across an operations entire footprint is easier than ever, which means even more time to capture & satisfy consumer demands.

Simplify Production

Produce more efficiently than ever. Galley learns your processes and creates production guides that reduce over-purchasing, waste, and labor costs.

Understand Food Costs

Thousands of ingredients? No problem. Connect vendors for real-time food costing, develop high-margin recipes and increase the profitability of your menu.

Optimize Purchasing

Restock in seconds. Galley tracks current inventory and historical data across all locations to generate optimized purchase orders in two clicks.