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Master your daily operations

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Make data-driven decisions

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Understand Food Costs
No more working off a hunch. Precisely cost food, develop high-margin recipes, and increase the profitability of your menu.
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Simplify Production
Produce food more efficiently. Galley creates accurate production guides that reduce over purchasing, waste, and labor costs.
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Optimize Purchasing
Restock in seconds. Galley tracks current inventory and historical data to generate optimized purchase orders that send in two clicks.
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Centralize Everything
Stay in touch with the daily operations of multiple locations. Manage your entire food empire via a single cloud-based dashboard.
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Scale Unrestrained
With efficient operations that scale with you, you’ll be free to open locations, grow your team, and focus on what matters most.
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Embrace Innovation
Stay relevant with new offerings and menus. Galley leverages current ingredients and recipes to keep costs, waste, and R&D time low.

How Galley helps you move forward

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    Easy Onboarding
    No data entry required. Send us your recipes and relax. We’ll take care of the bulk of the data entry for you.
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    Efficient Operations
    Continue like normal and watch how Galley empowers you to make your kitchen more efficient.
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    Expect Growth
    Cut your overhead costs and save valuable time. Redefine your scalability.

See how Galley can empower your kitchen

A productivity platform for the food industry

After many years of evaluating other systems, we were thrilled when we found Galley.  Within the first week of working with the Galley team, we knew we had finally found the system and partner we've been looking for.  A modern, efficient application build on a solid technical foundation with a team behind it that made implementation a breeze. And with the robust architecture, it is built on, we were able to launch quickly with Galley seamlessly integrated with our existing systems from the start.
Marcus Nucci
CTO, Meriwether Godsey
    Manage food costs and operations for all your locations via a centralized hub.

    Serving thousands of meals across dozens of locations is no small feat, and controlling costs is even harder. Galley helps you manage the daily operations of each location, from ingredient transparency to production, in one place so you can focus on sustaining growth.
Our Customers
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We recently had the biggest event in our company's history, and there is no way we could have done it without Galley…

Having Galley support us through the production of that event was amazing, and I can't even imagine having done the purchasing without Galley, it would have been a nightmare!
Jessica Miller
Owner, Feast & Fest
    Produce the right amount of food for each event, every time.

    Your greatest bottleneck to growth is managing operations and culinary. Galley streamlines those processes so you can focus on improving and scaling your business, giving you an advantage over the competition.
Our Customers
Eco Caters logoFeast & Fest logoDaniel et Daniel logo

It wasn't until we started using Galley that we felt we had a really good pulse on our recipe costs. We can now see how the recipe costs compare across our entire brand in multiple markets. Galley is pulling in our latest food costs, providing us with accurate and real-time data at our fingertips.
Omar Nazihi
The Kebab Shop
    Future-proof your business by simplifying operations and maximizing margins.

    Create a sustainable business you’re proud of by minimizing food costs. Galley acts as your one source of truth across all locations, regions, and concepts, enabling full control over your entire business, from recipe-specific margins to two-click purchasing.
Our Customers
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Galley has been transformational for us. Now we can see how we’re saving and spending money in real time, and being able to change just one thing and watch your food costs go down is pretty remarkable.
Heidi Finley
Heidi Finley
CEO, Maven
    Optimize your recipe catalog and production workflow for great margins.

    Fierce competition is challenging you to lower food costs and increase production. Galley puts you in complete control of your operation, enabling you to streamline and optimize every step of the food journey, from purchasing to production, and maximize profitability.
Our Customers
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Galley is more flexible and has a nicer interface than any other solution we’ve used, with accurate costing and reliable data that we use for purchasing and production. It has also reduced the time it takes to add new recipes, locations, and employees.
Nicolas Camart
Nicolas Camart
COO, Taster
    Leverage cutting-edge technology to make the most of every kitchen.

    Delivery fees pile up quickly, and unprecedented competition is challenging you to innovate. With Galley as your tech backbone, you’re free to optimize every recipe for greater margins, produce food at lightning speed, and create exceptional delivery experiences.
Our Customers
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We’re all about transparency and trust here, so tell us about your business and we’ll calculate your investment.
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Helping you increase margins is our benchmark for success. That’s why we base Galley’s monthly fee on how much you save, rather than a fixed fee.

Increase margins

We’re all about transparency and trust here, so tell us about your business and we’ll calculate your investment.

Pricing Calculator

per user, per month
Start free trial
Free 30 day trial  •  No credit card required
Helping you increase margins is our benchmark for success. That’s why we base Galley’s monthly fee on how much you save, rather than a fixed fee.
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